March 1 - 4, 2018

Racing Information

Race activities will happen in the beautiful Hay Meadow Race Area.

Race Rules

  1. All racers must wear race bibs. The number on your bib should correspond with your credential number.
  2. Any racer who fails to start with his/her team may be disqualified (DQ).
  3. The timing of a run starts when the racer passes the start wand.
  4. Each racer skis one run only.
  5. If a course official rules interference, the interfering racer will get a DQ and the other racer will be allowed to run the race again.
  6. A rerun may also be given if there is a gate down or an obstacle is on the course. Do not continue to ski the gates if that happens to you. Rather, leave the course, then alert the presence of the obstacle to the nearest gate keeper. Ski down alongside the course. However, if you continue to ski the course, a rerun will not be permitted and your time will be counted toward the team score.
  7. The two slowest adjusted times are deleted from each team's results. The team with the fastest average time wins!

Course Assignments
Course assignments, team sponsors and starting times will be announced Thursday night at dinner for Friday’s races. Team rosters and start times for Saturday’s races will be posted Saturday morning at breakfast. Feel free to plan your strategies and racing order as a team. All teams are asked to assemble in the right order at the top of the course. If your team doesn’t assign its own racing order the race official will call team members in the order listed on the team roster.

Corporate Challenge
After the team races, we will hold the Corporate Challenge Races. In this event, interested Corporate Sponsors will be given the opportunity to sponsor a team of racers. These teams will be selected during a special draft on Friday night. This event is extremely competitive and exciting. The team with the fastest average time wins!

Junior Championships
The Junior Championships will be run for our younger racers, 15 years and under. Individual prizes will be awarded to the fastest girl and boy. Sign up, have some fun and maybe you'll make it to the podium.

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